Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Things You Should Know About Preventing Breast Cancer

There are instances of breast cancer every few minutes. It is an incredibly common
occurrence. Yet despite this, many people have no idea what helps prevent it...
There are such obvious steps such as avoiding teratogens but certain daily, life-style
choices must be made as well.
Physical Exercise: Not only will this keep you healthy and well in other departments,
it substantially decreases the chance of breast cancer later in life. Doctors recommend
45 minutes a day, at least 6 days a week. And if that sounds like a lot, remember, the
human body is designed for movement. When we spend a lifetime in front of a car, on a
couch, or by a computer- Our cellular function is more likely to go awry.
Don’t Skip on Doctor’s Visits: If you avoid the doctor like the plague, you need to get
over your phobia. Simply put, it could kill you. Every female between 20 and 39 should
have an exam every 3 years. Talk to your primary doctor and remember that early
awareness is the key to prevention.
Vitamins Are Important!: Folates, Vitamin D, and anti-oxidants are thought to
decrease risk. This has not been fully proven, but better safe than sorry, right?
Mind your Estrogen: There are a number of chemicals that play with your estrogen.
Often they are in pesticides, like malathion, and in certain types of chemical productsoften
used in chemical engineering. Sometimes these can be found in trace amounts in
low quality meat. This occurs when a feedlot (cheap animal farm) is found down stream,
or just geographically below a facility that uses these compounds. Know where your
meat comes from. So far, Costco has the best record for keeping their meat totally clean
of xenoestrogens.
Yes..Radiation IS Bad: Even x-rays...any kind of radiation, whether solar, tanning bed,
or otherwise- is bad!
Know Your Doctor by Their First Name: Keeping awareness at the forefront of your
mind, and talking to your doctor openly about your genetics, history, and lifestyle is the
best measure anyone can take.
Hopefully these tips have helped. If you or anyone else you know wants to make a
contribution to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, consider implementing one of
our credit card processors. Each time someone makes a purchase, it gives them the
option to donate a small amount to the national breast cancer foundation.

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