Friday, January 7, 2011

The Merchant Cash Advance

If you expect your business to grow in the next year and a half....keep reading.....’ve probably taken out some credit to get this must have..
....what 98% of businesses using credit don’t understand that there is a way to
get cash in your hand without having to pay penalty charges, accounting fees, and
all the other techniques creditors use to claim their $33 Billion profits.
.....there is a much stronger and safer source of working capital
....A merchant cash advance.
How does it work? It’s an infusion of working capital you make by selling
a percentage of your future credit card receivables. I.e. the money you are
expecting to make off of credit card sales. There are no set repayment terms and
you might be approved within 36 hours. Also, a portion of your processing fees go
to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Applicants choose to get anywhere from $2,500 to half a million dollars. And
because a cash advance is technically a business purchase, not a loan, it doesn’t get
on your credit report. There are no closing costs or application fees.
What’s the application process like? You need to demonstrate that you
process a certain amount of credit card sales over a period of several months. You
have to be current on your property rent. And you can’t be bankrupt.
How do I pay the advance back? We update your credit card system to pay
us back over a period of time that we agree on before hand. It takes no additional
effort on your part.
How do I know this is right for me? Well first, you have to be sure you
really have a profitable business. If you are near bankruptcy and are just trying to
minimize your losses....a cash advance is probably not right for you
And secondly, you have to have a plan for using the cash advance in a way that
makes sense. A plan that will grow your business, instead of just paying the bills.
You can revamp your marketing, reach out to new customers, or create a more
efficient way of doing things.

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The Merchant Cash Advance

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