Friday, October 8, 2010

Online Credit Card Payment Processors Will Enable Your Brick and Mortar Business…

Process Pink Credit Card Payment Processors Will Enable Your
Business….and donate the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer

Research has shown us that credit card payment processors will increase
revenue and enhance cash flow. But you have to look beyond a bank to set
it up.

I have a good friend who went to a local bank…and I won’t say which
one.She asked the banker to set up Credit Card Payment Processors
for her small business, and found out that neither him….nor the branch
manager….nor anybody even remotely connected to this bank, was really
knowledgeable about this subject.

I don’t think this means they’re bad at what they do….but there is a serious
compartmentalization in the way credit card payment processors work
today. Most banks can give you a merchant account…but beyond that, they
aren’t much help…even if their brochures say otherwise…

Even a very large bank tends to have no more than one individual whose specialty is handling these merchant credit card transactions. And if that
one person’s busy….well…guess what?

That’s money down the drain while your system’s not working. Having helped many clients set up their Credit Card Payment Processors, I
actually ended up educating the bank issuing the merchant account on how
these systems work

Here’s what I told every one of them…

To get an online Credit Card Payment Processor up, you need…

#1 A shopping cart on your site. A process pink payment gateway will
support almost any shopping cart.

#2 A payment gateway

A good payment gateway should allow you to authorize, process, and
manage almost all types of credit cards and checks from any computer.
Nowadays, good payment gateways also allow you to bill customers
however you want, daily, weekly, or monthly. If you want to see our
payment gateway, go to

Reliable Credit Card Payment Processors will allow you to use any type of card as well.

If you go for a merchant account it should be a reputable financial
institution, usually a bank, which is associated with visa or mastercard.
Many banks don’t grant merchant accounts to internet merchants due to
their perception of risk. When applying for these accounts, make sure you
reduce the risk associated with your venture.

The main thing to remember when selecting online Credit Card
Payment Processors is that security should be your first concern.

If you don’t meet the basic security concerns of your customers, you will
lose them. Even though online transactions are relatively safe, you will
need a company that has been in the business for a long time and has
an established name. Having the support of the National Breast Cancer
Foundation and Process Pink will help you retain that trust.

To learn more about the Process Pink Mission go to

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